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Dental Implant

When you think of a dental implant, you might imagine invasive surgery and months of recovery.

Not at all! Our new clinic offers the latest technology in dental implant at an affordable price.

Best Dental Implant Clinic In Kolkata

Best Dental Implant Clinic In Kolkata – Dental Implants have never been easier. We offer low-cost options that can last for years; it all begins with a consultation with our experienced professionals who will find the right solution for your needs. We are also on hand to guide you through any concerns or worries – from what happens during treatment to the benefits of finding an expert who really understands how implants work. It’s no wonder we have become one of the most popular Best dental implant clinics in Kolkata for high quality, affordable dental.

Our latest addition to the Perfect. Smile Super Speciality best dental implant clinic in kolkata India, offers our patients some of the most advanced treatment options. We also provide surgical, dental implants, sometimes known as implant dentures, for patients with dental irregularities like missing teeth, shifting teeth, etc. These implants are made by placing a titanium abutment into the jawbone. This allows us to then screw artificial teeth into the abutment, thus making them look natural and helping restore functional ability back into the patient’s mouth.

Best Dental Implant Centre In Kolkata

Do want to replace missing teeth? Then dental implants are the best option. At Perfect Smile
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latest and most advanced equipments and setup to provide you the best treatment and a pleasant
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Dental implants are the future of dentistry as far as replacing missing natural teeth is concerned.
Dental implants are usually made of either metal (titanium) or ceramic which are placed inside
the jawbone thereby acting as a permanent solution for missing teeth.


Over the years there has been a lot of advancement in dental implants and today it has become
the most popular and pocket friendly solution for people who have lost one or more teeth due to
disease or injury.


The main advantage of dental implants is that they are a fixed permanent prosthesis which does
not need to be removed by you for cleaning and maintenance. Dental implants also preserves the
existing jawbone at the sites of missing teeth which otherwise would have resorbed over a period
of time. And above all, dental implant not only mimics the root of a natural tooth but makes you
feel that as if your natural tooth is there!

What are single dental implants?

Have you ever lost a tooth due to a fall or decay? If so then you might have searched for the best
treatment option available in dentistry to replace your lost tooth. There are various options
available to replace a missing tooth including a crown and bridge, but the best and ideal option
today is a dental implant. A single tooth implant is the one in which a single dental implant made
of metal or ceramic is placed at the site of a missing tooth over which a single dental crown is
given without touching the adjacent teeth.

What are immediate Dental implants?

If your natural tooth is broken or the crown structure is lost due to decay and you have been
advised to extract the tooth, don’t worry we have dental implants that can be placed soon after
extraction of the diseased or injured tooth. These are the immediate dental implants, where we
can extract the tooth and place an implant on the same day so that one doesn’t have to go through
two separate procedures on different days thereby reducing the waiting period and saving your
time and money.

Difference between traditional dentures and implant supported dentures

Risks associated with dental implants

A dental implant can fail due to lack of osseointegration, where the bone doesn’t get attached to
your implant. A person who has a dental implant can develop peri – implantitis (inflammation of
the gums surrounding the implant) due to lack of oral hygiene maintenance.


In rare cases lack of
bone support or poor quality of bone or a residual infection at the site of implant can also lead to
failure of the implant. Deleterious habits such as smoking, tobacco chewing and excess intake of
alcohol also affects the success rate of dental implants. Individuals with systemic conditions such
as diabetes and hypertension, if not controlled prior to and during dental implant placement can
also lead to failure of the dental implant.


At times you might have some oral adverse habits or
para – functional habits like grinding of your teeth or biting your nails, which causes adverse
forces on the implant prosthesis thereby leading to its failure.

The knowledge and skill of the operator, the co – operation and oral hygiene maintenance by the patient together play an important role in the success of a dental implant.

Instructions after implant placement

  • Keep your tongue and fingers away from the surgical site and socket.
  • Do not bite on hard food on the surgical side.
  • For the next two days apply ice packs for 20 minutes over the face on the surgical side.
  • Do not apply heat and avoid hot and spicy food for the next 3 days after implant
  • Start using mouthwash (chlorhexidine) 24 hours after implant surgery.
  • Take medications as prescribed.
  • Drink a lot of water.
  • Maintain good oral hygiene.
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